It’s about time for simplicity, efficiency,
and safety

TruDelivery® ready-to-use (RTU) products are designed to help address some of the challenges facing hospital pharmacies

Products that require the use of a separately packaged diluent, or that require mixing, compounding, or transfer to another container for administration, all require multiple steps before the medication can be safely administered to a waiting patient. Even under the best circumstances, extra steps may introduce risk of error.1-4

In the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) guidance to medication manufacturers, the agency encourages the manufacture of products specifically designed to minimize medication errors. Reducing the steps required for preparation and administration may help reduce risk of medication errors.4

TruDelivery® delivers—without mixing, compounding, or diluting5-9

  • Contributes to greater workflow efficiencies1
  • Reduces the risk of preparation and medication error10
  • Supports inventory management practices with longer shelf life11-16*
  • Minimizes prep time and material waste, lowering costs17-20

Advantages for your hospital pharmacy


For Category 3 controlled sterile preparations (CSP), the maximum beyond-use date (BUD) is 90 days at controlled room temperature (CRT), 120 days in refrigerator, and 180 days in freezer16 versus shelf life of 2 years at CRT for Ephedrine, PREVDUO®, and Dexmedetomidine11-13; 12 months at CRT and 2 years in refrigerator for Vasostrict®15; 72 hours at CRT and 18 months in refrigerator for Bivalirudin.8,14