Significant operational improvement
is possible

TruDelivery® ready-to-use (RTU) products are easy
to stock, store, and deliver

Designed for today’s hospital pharmacies, pharmacists, and healthcare providers, TruDelivery® RTU products may contribute to greater workflow efficiency and save time.1 The entire portfolio is:

  • FDA approved2-6
  • Prepared by the manufacturer in compliance with exacting governmental standards7-13
  • Compatible with most automated dispensing machines

Most hospital pharmacy buyers can purchase TruDelivery® RTU products with their routine daily wholesale orders. These TruDelivery® RTU products are already available through your health system’s full-line wholesaler and on your group purchasing organization (GPO) contract.

Advantages for hospital pharmacies include:

  • Convenient, RTU delivery2-6
  • Reduced risk of medication error14
  • Extended dating compared with 503B compounded and in-house compounded products15-20*
  • Optimized inventory management1
  • Supportive of efforts to reduce waste21
  • Lowered risk for contamination1,22-24
  • Reduced cost and time associated with compounding: vial, bag, diluent, pharmacy prep time25-27
  • Focus on compounding products without an RTU alternative

TruDelivery® RTU product portfolio


For Category 3 controlled sterile preparations (CSP), the maximum beyond-use date (BUD) is 90 days at controlled room temperature (CRT), 120 days in refrigerator, and 180 days in freezer20 versus shelf life of 2 years at CRT for Ephedrine, PREVDUO®, and Dexmedetomidine15-17; 12 months at CRT and 2 years in refrigerator for Vasostrict®19; 72 hours at CRT and 18 months in refrigerator for Bivalirudin.5,18